Nonprofit Training

An increasing number of donors are asking nonprofits to prove the effect of their programs on the people they serve. Unfortunately, few donors fund nonprofits to build the necessary internal systems, and critical training opportunities are limited and costly. In order to help nonprofits effectively manage performance and measure program outcomes, the Commonwealth Market provides low-cost, multi-dimensional trainings that help nonprofits with various levels of need. Through our training services, we will empower your nonprofit to become a high-performing organization capable of evaluating the impact of your work and improving programs to achieve greater outcomes.

Two Day Training Program

The two day program will rely heavily on interactive workshops and collaborative sessions within nonprofit teams with a focus on strategy and implementation.

  • Day 1 focuses on empowering nonprofits to create a robust theory of change and examine current programs in light of their theory of change. This includes identifying a target population, defining measurable outcomes and indicators, and codifying programs and services.
  • Day 2 concentrates on helping nonprofits develop systems to measure outcomes and manage performance. This includes creating key performance measures, developing program evaluation, and strategic planning for getting started.


  • Create an effective theory of change that is achievable, measurable, and testable
  • Build a framework for achieving program outcomes through measurable indicators
  • Develop a thorough understanding of performance management and begin creating an efficient management system
  • Learn from experts in the field


  • $700 for up to 5 members of your organization

Attendance Requirements

Trainings are intensive and aim to help organizations with fundamental aspects of their programming. For the training to be meaningful and useful to an organization, 2-5 members from a nonprofit should attend. Each organization will send their executive director or a different member from senior leadership. Organizations are also encouraged to send a board member, a second member of senior management (or a member of mid-level management), a program director, and a program staff person.

If your organization is not able to have 2 staff attend the training but is interested in registering please contact the Commonwealth Market before getting started.