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Empowering Nonprofits to Reach Their Full Potential

For most nonprofit organizations, building the necessary infrastructure to effectively measure outcomes and manage performance is too expensive to justify the cost when their beneficiaries' best interests are always at heart. To lower costs and make social value information more widely available than ever before, the Commonwealth Market offers training and assessment services to nonprofits. The CWM helps nonprofits become high-performing organizations capable of evaluating the impact of their work and improving programs to achieve more positive outcomes. The CWM's services help organizations showcase their impact to donors and increase funding prospects.

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The Commonwealth Market offers nonprofits social value assessment services with trained analysts. CWM analysts utilize a reliable and tested process to help organizations improve their work.


In order to help nonprofits effectively manage performance and measure program outcomes, the Commonwealth Market provides low-cost, multi-dimensional trainings for nonprofits with various levels of need.